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Dog trainer services including in-home obedience training, behavior modification, board and training, puppy training, and more.

Empire K9 Dog Training specializes in transforming your furry friend into the best version of themselves.

Dog Trainer Ontario CA

As a premier dog trainer in Ontario CA, Rancho Cucamonga CA, Upland CA and surrounding areas, we take pride in our 12 years of experience and expertise. Our certified dog trainers are skilled in private training, home training, behavioral modification and select board and training, ensuring that your dog receives the personalized attention they need to thrive.

At Empire K9 Dog Training, we understand that your dog is an integral part of your family, and we’re committed to providing a comprehensive solution to the issues that you are facing. Our customizable and personalized dog training programs are designed to meet your dog’s individual needs and address the specific issues you’re facing, such as obedience, behavioral modification, potty training, boundaries, counter surfing, leashing pulling, or reactivity.

Our one-on-one private training sessions take place in the comfort of your own home, allowing us to address the root cause of the problem and help your dog develop new habits in the environment where they live, play, and spend most of their time. We don’t just train your dog; we train you too. Our focus is on training both the dog and the owner to ensure lasting results.

At Empire K9 Dog Training, we believe that every dog is unique, which is why our training program is tailored to meet your dog’s individual needs. Whether your dog is a young puppy or an adult, our dog trainers will work with you to create a customized plan that addresses your dog’s specific behaviors and helps you achieve your training goals. With our commitment to quality and our passion for helping dogs and their owners, you can trust that we’ll provide you with the best dog training experience possible.

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With our expert guidance, you’ll see the amazing results that come from a well-trained, happy, and well-behaved dog. Don’t wait any longer to experience the joy and peace of mind that comes with having a well-trained companion by your side.

The Dog Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know

In order to teach new behaviors, curb, and stop behavioural problems you must understand the dog. Our expert dog trainers will help with this process.

Consistency Is Key For Success!

The trick to having a well behaved dog in the home is to start with having the leash on in the home. You must provide structure, rules, exercise, boundaries, discipline and correction.

An expert dog trainer who delivers results!

I have been working with Empire K9 Training for over 5 years with several dogs on a mix of obedience and personal protection. 10 stars if possible!! I feel like a walking advertisement and tell everyone asking for dog training to call Yasin!
Gabrielle Johnson
Incredible, effective dog training! Yasin is affordable and extremely professional. He works with a lot of dogs with serious behavioral issues and knows his stuff. Highly recommend Empire K9 Training!
Laura Milham
Mr. Yasin. the dog whisperer, is what I call him. He is a great man and makes your dog training experience enjoyable while you and your dog learn at the same time. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and relatives.
John Cano